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Reiki is a wonderful system of energy healing that will help you live a more balanced, connected and joyous life.


My journey with Reiki began 7 years ago, it enabled me to step in to a life of much greater freedom and self-belief and this is the very essence of my practice.  I use Reiki everyday during morning meditation, this allows me to clear my chakras and thus enabling me to start the day with a clear positive mind.


Reiki Healing


My sessions will focus on helping you to feel confident and able to live a more full and vibrant life. Together we will focus on a combination of:


Clearing and balancing your energy centres


Raising your levels of self belief and confidence


Reducing anxiety and stress


Removing energy blocks


Techniques to help create the life you most desire


What is Reiki


Reiki is an ancient system of healing that will balance the energy centres (chakras) of your body and when combined with heart-level communication will help unblock any patterns or issues that have been holding you back.


Reiki and You


Rather than taking a magic pill and running from our problems, with Reiki we are able to embrace every element of ourselves and to truly heal from within. My sessions will focus on giving you a greater sense of freedom and empowerment.


Reiki has had a hugely beneficial effect on me and I’m really grateful to be on this path and sharing what is so important to me and my life!  So many doors of awareness on a spiritual and a physical level have opened to me from practising Reiki.  It has helped me in times of distress to understand what was going wrong and to find the strength to change my journey in life for the better.